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Our success is due to referrals and continued business from repeat customers. We absolutely love our customers! We are committed to providing the best possible experience. We are not happy until you are happy.

Great coaches and great trainers! I've been working with Coach Jackson for two months now. I'm down 15 lbs! I really enjoy Yoga with Samantha as well. If you are looking for a place to get yourself in better shape this is it. I've tried other gyms and they didn't work for me. This is the place where you can come as you are and be pushed to do your personal best and grow. 

Melissa H. June 26, 2017

I've been going to this gym for just over a month and I am ecstatic with my results as well as the fun and family friendly atmosphere presented by Coach Lev and the rest of the coaches. They run a very challenging and enjoyable program which will let you go as far into the sport as you choose. 

Jake H. June 3, 2017

Awesome gym that was very welcoming to my family and I. Coach Lev and the Triple Threat staff are a great group of people that are dedicated to giving back and helping the community!

Duane L. April 28, 2017

The coaches are really amazing my whole family are going to this gym.

Jonalyn B. April 11, 2017

Welcoming atmosphere and great athletes. Look forward to beginning my training here. Highly recommend!

Edwin N. Jun 23, 2017

Great people and experienced coaches. I highly recommend them for their boxing instruction!

Jeff M. June 4, 2017

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