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We treat each and every one of our members as family at Triple Threat Gym. Many athletes come to us for various reasons. Originally, we specialized in aiding professional boxers, wrestlers and mixed martial artists prepare for upcoming fights/bouts. Now, we accept members of all ages (including children). Boxing skills and conditioning will not only give you the exercise you need to become healthy but will also allow you to overcome the daily fight of life. Come to Triple Threat Gym where we are always in your corner. All membership fees will be drafted via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Six month pre-paid membership fee $375 are limited availability.

Single Monthly (No Contract) Unlimited Access


If month-to-month is more your speed this plan is for you. 


Enrollment Fee $100.00




Couple monthly (No Contract) 


Family (3 Adults over 18) month-to-month


Family (4 Adults over 18) month-to-month


Family Children Fitness Add-Ons 

Ages 5-10: $40.00/m

Ages 11-17: $50.00/m

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