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We created this class to appeal to people looking for a great workout while still learning the proper art and skill of boxing . These classes combine fitness and skill in a motivating environment that is both suitable for the beginner and experienced boxer. The classes are an intense 45 mins long. Each week we have a particular theme we work on, be it power punching, inside fighting, slipping and rolling etc. This is a great starting place to learn skill and build on current skill.  


If you are looking to master every detail of your competitive boxing technique, then we have the perfect instructor for you. No matter what level you are competing at, Triple Threat Boxing/MMA instructors are here to help you perfect your training. Our trainers can help you bring you to the next level in no time.


There are so many different options for fitness classes, and it is good to venture out beyond the traditional cycling, aerobics, yoga, pilates, or other options offered at the gym. Come on down to Triple Threat Boxing/MMA to check out the variety of fitness boxing classes we have available. You will be able to learn the protective benefits of boxing along with the incredible fitness to be gained from a regular class schedule.


If you are looking for a private boxing instructor, then here at Triple Threat Boxing/MMA we have the perfect option for you. Whether you want an instructor to help you with fitness or self-defense, or just want to master your techniques, we have an instructor for you. Call us or come in to find out about the options we have available for you


If you are looking for a boxing club with a wide variety of ring training instructors and classes, then we are the place for you. Here at Triple Threat Boxing/MMA we have a wide variety of training courses and extremely skilled and experienced instructors prepared to help you with every detail of your camp. Call us or come on by to see how we can help you step up to the next level.


Looking for a more active and protective self-defense class? Then we have the solution for you! Here at Triple Threat Boxing/MMA we know that everyone is looking for the ability to self-defend in the event of an unexpected attack. So. no matter what your experience level with boxing or other defense plans, we have every level of self-defense boxing course you could possibly need.


If you are looking for boxing classes that are more active that an instructor standing at the front of the room yelling directions, then we have the class for you. The Triple Threat Boxing/MMA shadow boxing classes are available for our boxing instructors to walk you through every step of the latest boxing technique you are looking to master. Just call or stop by any time, we are sure we have the perfect class for you.


Training for your next boxing match but have a crazy schedule that keep you from meeting with a trainer? Triple Treat Boxing/MMA has every workout and drill to complete at home. No matter your level of expertise, we have the perfect at-home program to help you prepare and train on your own schedule.


Ladies, you can box too! Here at Triple Threat Boxing/MMA we have boxing lessons for women of all levels. We have classes in which you can enroll and private instructors here to help train you to meet your goals. Come by or give us a call to learn more.

At Triple Threat Gym/MMA
At Triple Threat Gym/MMA, we provide world class training to some of the industry's best Boxers and MMA fighters. Call us today to set up a time to walk through our facilities and learn more about our programs.
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